About AQUI®

Design is all around us and has a large influence on our everyday life. Various designs and diverse influences allow for the creation of even more new motifs and ideas. Design is an inexhaustible source, underpinned by the most extraordinary inspiration which lead to the most creative outcomes.

Atena Neuhuber is an Artist and Senior Designer. She is founder of AQUI® with many years of experience of Pattern Design for Fashion, Home and Interior. She Design and creating both hand painted and digital Painting designs and Art works which are both diverse and dynamic, contemporary and traditional to the Fashion and Home Furnishing Industry. AQUI® collection have very different perceptions when it comes to art, and they implement their ideas and impulses based on contrasting experience.


Situated in Austria with  large creativity resources and infinite love for Creation and creating , solutions and inspiration for a lot of products on market areas worldwide.

Graduating in Master of Art Degrees at the Art university in Linz Austria

If you are interested in working together, please write a non-binding inquiry.

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