Contract / correction possibility:

The customer’s order constitutes an offer. A contract is subject to the acceptance on our part.

An order is only possible if all designated in the order form with * are required fields are completed. Missing information or we can not meet the order for other reasons, the customer will receive an error message. Before finally sending the order, the customer is given the opportunity to correct his order. Supporting details the customer directly in the order process.

Once the order is complete, the customer will be notified in an information window “Your order is complete and has been sent to us.” This is our part no acceptance of the customer offer.

Acknowledgment of receipt:

If the order has been received by us, the customer will be informed about the announced by his e-mail address from the receipt of his order

Contract storage:

The sales contract is saved by us, is not accessible to the customer but our webshop. If the client wants to print the text of the contract after its appointment, please can to mail to

Contract Language:

The contract language is Englisch.


All prices are total. They are inclusive of all taxes including value added tax and taxes without shipping costs.

No shipping costs for Designs, digital files and E-Books.

Payment Methods:

We accept the following methods of payment: American Express, VISA, Maestro, MasterCard and SEPA.


If no other method of payment agreed upon, the customer agrees to the complete payment of the purchase price already in the contract. The delivery of Designs or Books only after receipt of the amount on our bank account.

Recall by written declaration:

All Designs, E-Books and Files in web-shop cannot be returned or exchanged.

Delivery period:

When paying in advance you will receive immediately a Link to download  the Design, Files or E-Book. You will receive downloadable file immediately after Payment by Email and you have 30 days time to download the file. Please see the Expires date on your order.


All Designs, E-Books and Files in web-shop cannot be returned or exchanged.

Retention of title:

The Designs remain our property until full payment. All simulation (Mockups) images are not included and cannot be reproduced or be considered copyright free. They are given as further inspiration for your mood boards.

In the case of customer default, we are entitled to assert our rights from the retention of title. It is agreed that in the retention of title does not constitute withdrawal from the contract unless we withdraw from the contract explicitly.

Data processing:

Please refer Data protection.

Consent to receive commercial e-mails:

The customer agrees to the receipt of messages of our company about our products, special offers and other business information by means of promotional e-mail, particularly newsletters to.

The customer can opt out of receiving such emails at any time revoked (e.g .: return the mail to the sender address with the words “Please no further promotional e-mails.).