Pattern Design

Let’s look at three subjects that, at first glance, may strike you as being incredibly basic and self-explanatory. However, although they may seemlike they should need no introduction, we should study them. By understanding these concepts, you’ll be able to apply them more effectively to captivate your users’ attention while making your designs more effective.

Say “repetition” and you might think about someone who says the same thing over and over again. However, it’s different in design. Repeating things does not have to be boring! In fact, it can empower a design when used in the right way. It can also ensure that messages are better understood. As designer, I have three repetition methods:

Repetition, Patterns, and Rhythm.


Repetition is simply repeating a single element many times in a design. For example, you could draw a line horizontally and then draw several others next to it. You can also achieve repetition by using repeated messages. If you want your customers to know that you’re the cheapest or the fastest in the business, you’ll want to tell them that on more than one occasion if you want the message to stick.


Patterns are simply a repetition of more than one design element working in concert with each other. A seamless pattern is one where every element within a design (no matter how often it’s repeated) combines to form a whole. This is most common in backgrounds for Fashion, Home, Interior, Plastic, on Web and App pages.


Repeating elements with no specific regular interval creates random rhythms. The spacing could be a millimeter here, a centimeter there, while the elements could be all over the place. Think of falling snow, pebbles on a beach, traffic movements: they are all examples of random rhythms in action.

I make design with the best quality and individual presentations.

  • Trend Pattern Design
  • Design custom seamless floral, tropical, nature, maritime and etc pattern and textile design
  • Design customized seamless pattern and placed Design
  • I will recreate any design from the picture you give me
  • 100% Digital Hand-Painted Pattern Design
  • 100% Vectorized
  • 100% Layered Design Adobe® Psd and AI
  • Repeated- Allover and Placed Design
  • For Fashion, Home, Interior and Plastic


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